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1759: From Dentist to CFO

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On today’s episode, we have a special guest, George Hariri, the CFO of Shared Practices. Shared Practices is a leading consulting company that specializes in guiding dentists on their journey to practice ownership. With a team of industry experts, Shared Practices offers a range of services designed to provide dentists with a clear and sustainable path to success.

During this insightful interview, Dr. Mark Costes dives deep into the origins of Shared Practices and explores its evolution from its inception to its current position as a revolutionary force in the dental industry. George sheds light on the vision and dedication of the owners of Shared Practices and how their passion for helping dentists achieve their goals has shaped the company.

One key topic of discussion is George’s book, “Dental Moneyball.” Dr. Costes and George delve into the concept of the book, which applies principles from the world of baseball analytics to dentistry. They explore the valuable insights shared in the book and discuss how it can help dentists make data-driven decisions to optimize their practices. If you’re looking for a game-changing resource, be sure to check out “Dental Moneyball” at

Join us as we uncover George’s expertise and learn more about how Shared Practices is revolutionizing the way dentists navigate the industry.