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1752: Time Allocation

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On today’s episode, we bring you a presentation by Dr. Mark Costes recorded live at the Dental Success Summit 2023 in San Antonio, TX. In this captivating opening talk, Dr. Costes dives into the importance of continuous growth and self-improvement.

Drawing from his own personal experiences, Mark shares a valuable insight into the power of revisiting books throughout the year. As he evolves and gains new perspectives, he discovers fresh ways to utilize the knowledge and information contained within those books.

Throughout the presentation, Mark emphasizes the value of our most precious resources: time and attention. He challenges us to reflect on how we are truly spending our time and to evaluate the extent to which our activities align with our goals and aspirations. Are we allocating our time wisely, or are we allowing it to be consumed by frivolous distractions?

With thought-provoking insights and practical advice, Mark inspires us to be intentional with our time and to make conscious choices that drive us toward personal and professional success.