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1751: From PR to DR

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On today’s episode, Dr. Mark Costes takes us on an incredible journey to the Dominican Republic. He had the privilege of recording in-field while participating in the Dominican Dental Mission Project (DDMP). Founded in 1982 by Dr. Francis “Frank” Serio, this dental charity began as a one-man mission to provide dental care to a remote region of the Dominican Republic. Over the past four decades, the project has grown, delivering over $21 million worth of dental care and supplies to more than 67,000 rural individuals in need.

Not only has DDMP positively impacted the lives of the Dominican people, but it has also transformed the lives of hundreds of volunteers. Remarkably, eight Dominican volunteers have gone on to become dentists themselves, showcasing the project’s focus on development and sustainability. By partnering with local dentists and continuously visiting the same locations, DDMP ensures that the community’s needs are met while supporting the local dental care system.

During this episode, Dr. Mark Costes has the honor of interviewing Dr. Olga Gil-Torrellas, a passionate dentist who plays a pivotal role in the Dominican Republic mission trip. Dr. Gil shares her inspiring journey, from her Puerto Rican roots to her pursuit of advanced dental education. As a caring clinician, she upholds the highest standards of professionalism and ethics while providing preventive and comprehensive treatment to her patients. Dr. Gil’s involvement in the DDMP exemplifies her commitment to making a positive impact on the oral health of underserved communities.

Join Dr. Mark Costes and Dr. Olga Gil-Torrellas as they delve into the Dominican Republic mission trip and the meaningful work being done to transform lives through dental care.