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1748: The Dental Success Way

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On today’s episode, join Dr. Mark Costes and special guest Ashlee Hirschfeld as they dive into insightful discussions within DSN. They begin by recapping the recent Dental Success Summit (DSS) and the Summit of Influence (SOI) Gala, sharing exciting highlights and key takeaways from these events. They explore the vibrant atmosphere and discuss the future direction of SOI. Moving on, they delve into the expansive world of the Dental Success Network (DSN) and its diverse offerings. Within DSN, they specifically touch upon the invaluable support and resources available for hygiene departments and the empowering community of female leaders in the Lady Leaders Group. Lastly, Mark and Ashlee address questions sourced from the Dental Success Network community, providing expert insights on implementing effective bonus systems for staff and offering guidance on incorporating a hygiene department in a start-up dental practice. Don’t miss this engaging episode packed with valuable knowledge and actionable insights. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the dental industry and join the Dental Success Network to take your dental practice to new heights.