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1747: Boring But Effective Investing Pt. 2

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On today’s episode, Dr. Mark Costes continues his interview with Paul Moore, the Managing Partner at Wellings Capital. This is Part 2 of their discussion on boring investments and true wealth.

Building on the insights shared in Part 1, Dr. Costes and Paul Moore explore the concept of protecting the downside in investments. They delve into strategies for minimizing risk and maintaining a resilient portfolio.

Additionally, they delve into the fascinating notion of investing in the “unseen realm” – ventures that may not have an immediate or apparent return on investment but contribute to long-term fulfillment and happiness.

Join Dr. Costes and Paul Moore as they conclude their conversation, revealing the hidden potential and wealth-building opportunities in overlooked investment avenues. Before diving into Part 2, make sure to listen to Part 1 of this thought-provoking interview.