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1746: Boring But Effective Investing Pt. 1

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On today’s episode, Dr. Mark Costes interviews Paul Moore, the Managing Partner at Wellings Capital. In this insightful discussion, they explore the concept of boring investments and how they can lead to true wealth.

Paul Moore shares his expertise in passive commercial real estate investing and highlights the benefits of investing in seemingly mundane opportunities. They discuss the importance of considering the potential downside and protecting against losses, shifting the focus from “how much could I make” to “how much could I lose.”

The conversation delves into the unconventional idea of investing in happiness and the “unseen realm” that may not have an apparent return on investment. Join Dr. Costes and Paul Moore as they uncover the hidden opportunities and strategies for building wealth through overlooked investment avenues.

Make sure to listen to Part 1 of this engaging interview to gain valuable insights from Paul Moore’s expertise. Stay tuned for Part 2, where they continue their discussion on building wealth through boring investments.