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1745: KPI’s, Expansion & Mentorship

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On today’s episode, recorded live at the Dental Success Summit 2023 in San Antonio, we have a dynamic presentation featuring Jake Conway and Dr. Mark Costes. Together, they delve into essential topics including Expansion (KPIs), Hygiene & Associates, and Incentives & Marketing, providing invaluable insights for dental professionals.

Jake Conway takes the stage to discuss the driving force behind expansion in dental practices. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the “WHY” behind your expansion goals and shares practical strategies for setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure progress effectively. Furthermore, Jake delves into the critical relationship between hygiene production and compensation, offering guidance on optimizing this aspect of practice growth.

Dr. Mark Costes joins the conversation to shed light on the crucial role of Hygiene & Associates in practice expansion. Together, they explore the need for additional hygienists as practices grow and highlight the investment aspect of adding more hygienists and associates to the team. Dr. Costes shares his expertise on onboarding new associates, transforming them into profit centers, and maximizing the value they bring to the practice.

In the final segment, Jake and Dr. Costes tackle the topic of Incentives. They challenge the common practice of throwing money at nonexistent problems and delve into the dynamics of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Together, they provide valuable insights on creating effective incentive systems that truly inspire and motivate the dental team.

Don’t miss this powerful episode that combines the expertise of Jake Conway and Dr. Mark Costes.