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1737: PPO’s – Yes or No

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On today’s episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast, we have a special webinar featuring the Lady Leaders from the Dental Success Network (DSN): Dr. Summer Kassmel, Amy Hernandez, Allison Puppe, and Ashlee Hirschfeld.

During this webinar, these dynamic professionals dive into various topics related to dental insurance and practice management. Amy Hernandez, RCM Department Lead, shares her expertise in optimizing insurance processes and building a strong team. Dr. Summer Kassmel, a practicing dentist with a focus on clear aligner therapy, provides valuable insights on enhancing patient outcomes and coaching younger doctors. Allison Puppe, an Insurance Coordinator, brings her experience and knowledge to discuss insurance strategies and the importance of fee adjustments. Ashlee Hirschfeld, Chief Operations Officer of Dental Success Network, shares her expertise in streamlining operations and delivering results for dental practices.

Join us as we explore the intricacies of dental insurance, assessing the need to drop PPOs, data-driven decision-making, fee adjustments, benchmarking, maximizing procedure codes, and renegotiating contracts with insurance providers. Gain valuable insights and practical tips from these industry experts to optimize your practice’s insurance processes and profitability.