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1717: Cash Flowing Through Your Business Pt. 2

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Today’s episode features Part 2 of Dr. Addison Killeen’s presentation from the North Carolina Mastermind. In this episode, Dr. Killeen continues his discussion on the profit-first method, focusing on the practical steps you need to take to implement this strategy in your dental practice. He dives into the specific bank accounts necessary for allocation and provides guidance on how to efficiently manage them. Additionally, Dr. Killeen addresses audience questions in an engaging Q&A session, adding further insights to his presentation. If you haven’t listened to Part 1 yet, make sure to go back and catch up on Dr. Addison Killeen’s insightful discussion on integrating the profit-first method into your practice. Don’t miss out on valuable information that can significantly impact your practice’s financial success. Tune in now to Part 2, and take your practice’s profitability to the next level.