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1709: Investments & Strategic Expansion Pt. 1

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On today’s episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast, join Dr. Mark Costes as he sits down with the insightful Dr. Richard Low of Shared Practices for an engaging discussion on investing in multiple practice ownership. In this first part of the interview, they explore various business opportunities and delve into the concept of owning a dental practice as a primary investment with the highest return. Dr. Low emphasizes the importance of prioritizing the payment of unsecured high-interest debt and discusses the significance of velocity and volatility in different investments. This episode is packed with valuable insights for dentists looking to expand their investment portfolio and maximize their financial returns.

If you’re eager to learn more about investing in multiple practice ownership and uncover valuable strategies for maximizing financial returns, be sure to tune in to Part 2 of this captivating interview with Dr. Richard Low. Gain a deeper understanding of different investment types and discover the secrets to building a successful and profitable dental practice. Don’t miss out – listen to Part 2 tomorrow!