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1695: Power of Moments

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On today’s episode, we’re bringing you a clip from the most recent Mastermind in North Carolina from April 2023. Join Dr. Mark Costes as he dives into the topic of “The Power of Moments” by Chip and Dan Heath. Mark will be discussing why certain experiences have an extraordinary impact, what makes great experiences and how to build peak moments. During the Mastermind, Mark explores the book “The Power of Moments” and how it can be applied to the dental industry. He discusses the key elements that make experiences memorable and how to create peak moments for patients and team members. Mark also shares insights on how to build a culture that focuses on creating extraordinary experiences and how to measure the impact of these moments. Join us tomorrow for Part 2 of this episode where Mark will be sharing more about his insights on “The Four Spheres of Influence” and rebranding yourself. Don’t miss it!