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1690: Death by Panel

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On today’s episode, Dr. Mark Costes is joined by Perrin DesPortes, Co-Founder and Partner of Polaris Healthcare Partners. Perrin has a background in dental distribution and has held various management positions in the industry. He has extensive experience in helping healthcare entrepreneurs build and exit successful group practices. Tune in to hear Perrin and Dr. Costes discuss the importance of having a clear vision, strategy, and support for growing a successful group dental practice. Don’t miss out on this valuable conversation on The Dentalpreneur Podcast!

Building Your Enterprise Platform
May 10-12 • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Are you ready to take your business to a much greater level with much greater magnitude and more applications? Join us for an action-oriented, tactical subject matter you’ve never heard of before with no panel discussions.

Scaling from Clinician to CEO Summit with DSI
October 2023 • Location TBD
Are you building a group practice and are tired of learning by trial and error? Or a seasoned dental entrepreneur who wants to expand their knowledge in sell-side advisory services, growth strategies, and mergers & acquisitions? Join us for a larger format, multi-day, interactive journey that will accelerate your learning curve and minimize your chances for mistakes.