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1961: Defining Success

On today’s episode, we dive into the highlights of Mark’s presentation from last year’s Dental Success Summit. This episode is essential for anyone striving to understand and achieve their own definition of success, particularly within the dental profession.

  • Understanding Success: Mark starts by challenging the conventional definitions of success, noting how personal and subjective the term can be. He reflects on his own evolving understanding of success, from a straightforward financial goal in his youth to a more nuanced, fulfillment-driven view in his professional maturity.
  • Diverse Definitions: Drawing on the wisdom of figures like Jim Rohn and Winston Churchill, Mark explores how success can range from personal development and perseverance to achieving specific financial milestones. This segment helps listeners reflect on what success truly means to them beyond societal expectations.
  • Strategic Success in Dentistry: Mark discusses his journey from starting Horizon Dental Group to creating a diverse ecosystem of businesses under the Dental Success Universe. This includes ventures like the Horizon Schools of Dental Assisting and the Dental Success Institute, which have contributed significantly to the dental community’s development and success.
  • Expanding Horizons: The talk delves into how these ventures not only fulfilled a market need but also provided Mark with platforms for sharing knowledge and training others, reinforcing his definition of success as adding value to the community.
  • Future Aspirations: With the introduction of Smile Outreach International, Mark outlines his vision for establishing dental clinics in the third world, illustrating his belief that true success involves making a lasting positive impact.

Join us as we unpack these insights and more, aiming to help you redefine success on your own terms.


1960: Golden Achievements

On today’s episode, we are thrilled to bring you a special presentation from last year’s Dental Success Summit, featuring the prestigious Golden Rhino Award. This award celebrates remarkable transformations within the dental community, exemplified by individuals who have achieved exponential growth and success in their practices.

  • The Golden Rhino Award: An introduction to the award and its significance in recognizing outstanding growth and leadership in the dental industry.
  • Spotlight on Success: Explore the incredible journey of Dr. Ben Kacos, Summer Kassmel, and Dr. Matt Slivka, showcasing their phenomenal growth rates of 536%, 262%, and 146%, respectively.
  • Dr. P’s Transformation: Dive deep into the case study of this year’s Golden Rhino recipient, Dr. P. From his initial struggles and humble beginnings to achieving a remarkable turnaround in his practice.
  • Challenges Overcome: Understand the hurdles Dr. P faced, including navigating business expansion during the pandemic and overcoming regulatory challenges.
  • Blueprint for Success: Insights into the strategies and frameworks that enabled Dr. P’s success, including leadership development, team culture enhancement, and operational efficiency.
  • Celebration and Insights: Listen to Dr. P share his personal reflections and future aspirations, providing valuable lessons for dental professionals everywhere.

Tune in to learn how these dental professionals turned challenges into opportunities, achieving extraordinary success. Whether you’re a dental practitioner looking to grow your practice or someone interested in the stories behind business achievements, this episode is not to be missed!


1959: No Experience? No Problem Pt. 2

On today’s episode, we are continuing with the impactful Lady Leaders event from the Dental Success Network, we move into the second part of the presentation focused on advanced office management techniques. Stay tuned as our expert panelists discuss proactive scheduling tools and effective patient communication strategies.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Advanced Scheduling Tools: Best practices for using scheduling software to handle cancellations and ensure smooth patient flow.
  • Proactivity in Scheduling: The critical importance of preparation and contingency planning to handle unexpected changes efficiently.
  • Team Communication: How cohesive communication within the team can keep your practice running smoothly.
  • Insurance Verification and Patient Onboarding: Strategies to streamline the new patient experience, ensuring clarity on financial obligations and minimizing last-minute cancellations.

Make sure to implement these advanced techniques to enhance your practice’s efficiency.


1958: No Experience? No Problem Pt. 1

On today’s episode, we dive into the secrets of creating a high-functioning front office. We’re replaying a 2-part standout presentation from the Dental Success Network’s Lady Leaders event, recorded on September 30, 2021. Join Ashlee Hirschfeld, Summer Kassmel, Krista Butters, and Debbie Dodson as they share invaluable insights on optimizing your dental practice’s operations.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Importance of Clear Communication: Delving into how effective communication underpins the entire patient experience.
  • Scheduling Strategies: Unpacking innovative scheduling tactics tailored to financial goals and individual provider efficiency, including block scheduling.
  • Team Culture in Hiring: The pivotal role of meshing cultural fit with skill sets during the recruitment process.
  • Managing Patient Appointments and Cancellations: Strategies for minimizing cancellations and maintaining an optimal schedule.

Don’t miss out on these expert strategies to streamline your practice’s front office.


1957: Empowering Dental Teams in Changing Times

On today’s episode, we’re joined by the ever-insightful Dr. Summer Kassmel for a deep dive into the evolving landscape of dental practice management and leadership. Dr. Kassmel, renowned for her expertise and experience in creating high-performing teams and practices, shares her observations on the challenges and changes facing dental professionals today.

Listeners will benefit from Dr. Kassmel’s expert analysis on a range of topics, including:

  • The impact of current economic conditions on patient treatment acceptance and strategies for maintaining effective patient communication and trust.
  • Innovative approaches to managing same-day cancellations and no-shows, emphasizing the importance of conveying the value of appointments to patients.
  • The significance of personalization in patient communication, particularly in the confirmation process, and the power of establishing a connection with patients to ensure appointment commitment.
  • Insights into the rising stress levels among dental teams, the phenomenon of healthcare fatigue, and practical advice for dental leaders to support their teams through these challenging times.
  • Dr. Kassmel’s personal experiences and strategies for hiring and nurturing a leadership team capable of advancing practice culture and mission.

This episode is a must-listen for dental professionals seeking to adapt to the current dynamic environment, enhance their practice management skills, and foster a supportive and motivated team. Dr. Kassmel’s wisdom and practical advice offer valuable guidance for navigating the complexities of modern dental practice with grace and effectiveness.

Don’t miss Dr. Kassmel’s upcoming keynote speech at the Dental Success Summit, where she will delve further into creating and empowering a leadership team that aligns with your practice’s mission and culture. Join us for this transformative event and take your practice to new heights.


1956: A Revolution in Collaboration & Reform

On today’s episode, recorded at DSS 2023 in San Antonio, TX, Dr. Mark Costes delves into a summit that brought together 700 dental professionals, amassing a staggering 6420 years of collective dental experience. This episode is not just a recount of an event; it’s a blueprint for transforming the dental profession through collaboration and collective wisdom. As we celebrated a decade of remarkable gatherings, we ventured to a location that symbolically and geographically represented the unity and midpoint of our diverse community. Despite the boutique setting’s cozy limit, the energy and potential within these walls were anything but small.

We tackle pressing issues facing the dental world today, from the urgent need for dental education reform to navigating the intricacies of dental insurance. With the average dental student burdened by a colossal $292,000 in debt, and the clinical experience waning amidst rising tuition costs, the call for change has never been louder. This episode passionately argues for a systemic overhaul, one that aligns the cost of education with the quality and quantity of clinical training provided.

Insurance, a perennial thorn in the profession’s side, is scrutinized for its increasing dominance and the stagnation of dentist reimbursements. This discussion isn’t just about identifying problems; it’s a rallying cry for unity and action against the forces that undermine dental practice autonomy and financial health.

We also shed light on the workforce crisis, touching on the gradual yet hopeful signs of recovery as the pendulum swings back towards a more balanced employer-employee dynamic. The episode takes an honest look at the hygiene department’s challenges, advocating for dialogue and mutual respect amidst rising tensions and wage disparities.

Central to this conversation is the profession’s cultural crisis— a lack of professionalism and camaraderie that threatens the very fabric of our dental community. This episode is a plea for a higher standard, where colleagues support rather than undermine each other, recognizing that the strength of our profession lies in unity rather than division.


1955: The Journey from White to Black Belt

On today’s episode, recorded at DSS 2023 in San Antonio, TX, Dr. Mark Costes unveils the rigorous standards and transformative journey of achieving DSI’s coveted black belt status in dental practice management. With an unwavering focus on excellence, Dr. Costes breaks down the classifications from white to black belt, revealing the core areas of systemization, culture, leadership, and financial control that define the success of a dental practice. He shares compelling stories of dentists who have escalated from the ground up, highlighting the disciplined approach to enhancing practice profitability, system efficiency, and team culture. This episode is a deep dive into the methodologies that have turned average practices into exemplary models of success, offering listeners a clear roadmap to elevate their practices. Dr. Costes emphasizes the importance of facing increasingly complex challenges head-on, a testament to growth and leadership in the demanding world of dentistry.


1954: Deep into the Four Futures

On today’s episode, we embark on a profound journey through the landscape of success, framed by the innovative “Four Futures” framework, which encompasses mind, meaning, muscle, and money. Each quadrant offers a unique lens through which we can evaluate and enhance our lives, challenging us to rethink our definitions of success. The discussion delves deep into the essence of emotional mastery, the richness of personal relationships, the pursuit of legacy, and the tangible metrics of financial freedom.

Listeners are invited to explore the delicate balance between professional aspirations and the invaluable treasures of personal fulfillment. The episode also sheds light on the inherent pressures and challenges within the dental profession, underscoring the critical importance of managing stress and cultivating resilience. Through personal anecdotes and reflective questions, the conversation serves as a catalyst for listeners to assess their own lives across these four pivotal areas.

In a world where time is our most precious commodity, this episode is a timely reminder to cherish our relationships, prioritize our wellbeing, and navigate our professional journeys with intention and purpose. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, this episode offers timeless wisdom and practical insights for anyone looking to lead a more balanced and meaningful life.


1953: The Virtual Revolution

On today’s episode, we have a fascinating conversation with Dr. Justin Scott. As the CEO of Virtual Dental Offices and a practicing dentist, Dr. Scott has mastered the art of blending innovative practice management with clinical expertise. Fresh from his awe-inspiring trip to Iceland, he shares the breathtaking experience of witnessing the Northern Lights with his mother, along with the challenges of navigating the Icelandic winter.

Dr. Scott takes us through the journey of his company, Virtual Dental Offices, highlighting its transformative impact on dental practices by leveraging the power of virtual assistants. Balancing his time between clinical duties and his growing business, he offers a fresh perspective on managing dual roles. The episode dives into the vital role of outsourcing in today’s dental practices, addressing the workforce crisis and streamlining operations for efficiency.

With his finger on the pulse of practice management, Dr. Scott discusses the tasks that are most effectively handled by virtual assistants, from administrative duties to patient interaction, and assures listeners of the robust security measures in place to protect sensitive patient data. He also shares the lighter side of virtual assistance, revealing some of the personal and unique tasks that these remote team members can take on to simplify one’s life.


1952: Loan Repayment & Personal Finance Pt. 2

On today’s episode, we have the second installment of our deep dive into student loans and financial strategy with Jake Courtney, a financial planner specializing in student loan consulting from Student Loan Planner. We tackle the tangible scenario of “young Mark,” a hypothetical new dental graduate saddled with substantial debt and faced with the daunting task of financial planning.

This episode serves as a case study, putting Jake’s expertise to the test. We navigate through a realistic situation that many new graduates can relate to — weighing the desire for homeownership against the backdrop of significant student loans and an entry-level associate position. Jake lays out the roadmap for managing a whopping $425,000 in loans while still aspiring to financial goals like purchasing a home or saving for retirement.

Our discussion unveils the myths surrounding student loan debt and its impact on acquiring additional loans, like those for a mortgage or dental practice. Jake debunks the idea that a large student loan balance necessarily spells doom for future financial ventures. It’s not the debt amount that creditors scrutinize, but rather the ratio of your debt payments to your income.

Listeners, especially those just starting in their professional journey, will gain insight into the balance between paying off loans and investing in their future. With Jake’s sage advice, we learn about the power of maintaining a high savings rate, the importance of not allowing lifestyle creep with increasing income, and strategic tax filing for minimizing student loan payments.

The call to action is clear: for those navigating the complexities of student loan repayment, particularly with looming deadlines like the April 30th consolidation tip shared by Jake, it’s critical to seek specialized advice. Engage with professionals at Student Loan Planner, and consider an hour-long consultation that promises to be an invaluable investment in your financial future.