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1967: KPIs & Strategic Finance

On today’s episode, we are back, fresh from the Dental Success Summit in San Antonio, Texas, In this episode, we have Dr. Deren Flesher, a panelist from the Summit’s discussion on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Dr. Flesher dives into the significance of KPIs in dental practices, sharing insights on hygiene efficiency and supply management, highlighting the importance of being well-prepared and having efficient systems in place. Drawing from his own extensive experience, Dr. Flesher elaborates on the complexities of personal finance, the impact of investment choices, and the benefits of strategic tax planning.

With a focus on personal finance and investment, Dr. Flesher discusses his journey through entrepreneurship and his proactive approach to financial stewardship. He emphasizes the crucial nature of starting financial planning at the moment of realization, regardless of career stage. For those feeling behind, he offers encouragement and a strategic perspective, advocating for diversification and the careful balance between managing debt and seizing investment opportunities.

Listeners seeking personal finance guidance or interested in learning more about Legacy Point can reach out to Dr. Flesher directly. His passion for educating and empowering dental professionals in financial matters shines through as he invites open conversations about money and investment strategies. He reassures listeners that it’s never too late to start and that proper planning can lead to financial freedom, enabling more life choices and opportunities outside of the operatory.


1966: The Consequences of Team Turnover

On today’s episode, we have an invigorating discussion led by Dr. Mark Costes at a TPL event, where he navigates the crucial elements of building a robust practice culture and becoming an effective leader. Mark shares his strategic insights on open communication, the financial impact of staff turnover, and the essential roles of a leader in a thriving dental practice. Learn how to turn subjective leadership concepts into actionable strategies with the aim to foster a supportive and efficient workplace.

  • Mark emphasizes the importance of core values, such as open and honest communication, in negotiating HR challenges and maintaining a productive work environment.
  • Insights into the high cost of staff turnover and strategies to mitigate these expenses through cultural improvements and effective leadership.
  • The introduction of a turnover costs formula, revealing the substantial financial savings achievable by retaining employees.
  • Mark delves into the nuances of building a strong practice culture and how it relates to leadership skills and organizational success.
  • Practical advice on confronting and resolving toxic behaviors within the team to protect and nurture the practice as a whole.
  • The concept of “living, breathing organisms” as an analogy for dental practices, highlighting the need for proactive management and the removal of toxicity to maintain health.
  • The roles of a leader are laid out, focusing on defining visions, setting clear expectations, monitoring results, and fostering team member growth.
  • Introduction of the DSI Leadership Assessment as a tool to turn the subjective idea of leadership into objective measures.
  • Strategies for conducting effective meetings, utilizing the PETA (Presence, Intention, Time, Agenda) model to ensure focus and productivity.
  • A look at the weekly growth meeting, where teams align on wildly important goals (WIGs) to ensure everyone is contributing to the practice’s direction.
  • Mark stresses the significance of regular performance reviews and setting a positive tone for meetings through recognition and shared objectives.


1965: Leadership, Discipline, & the Path to Success

On today’s episode, we bring you insights from a 2019 mastermind session with Mark, as he unpacks the essence of leadership, self-discipline, and strategic goal setting. Anchored by a powerful quote from Dr. John Maxwell, Mark delves into the significance of leading oneself as the cornerstone of success in every facet of life. Listeners will gain an understanding of the importance of baselines, the Four Futures framework, and the continuous evolution necessary for personal and professional fulfillment.

Show Notes:

  • Mark kicks off with Dr. John Maxwell’s wisdom on the pivotal role of leadership skills in achieving success and fulfillment.
  • The theme revolves around leadership, self-discipline, and the art of execution, alongside the reasons behind procrastination and hitting ceilings of complexity.
  • The criticality of baselines in goal setting, especially across the Four Futures: mindfulness, meaning, muscle, and money, is emphasized.
  • A personal story highlights the necessity of difficult decisions in leadership for the health of an organization, touching upon loyalty and cultural assessment.
  • An introduction to the Master Assessment Scorecard for personal development and business progress.
  • Insights on recalibrating baselines, the evolution of belt classification in a dental practice, and managing fluctuating cultural assessment scores.
  • A deep dive into maintaining awareness across all life quadrants, adjusting focus as needed without losing sight of overall progress.
  • The conversation concludes with the call to continually develop leadership and self-discipline for growth across all Four Futures.

Reflect on your own leadership journey and consider where you can tighten your self-discipline. Are your goals clearly outlined with actionable baselines? Remember, the journey to mastery is continuous, and recalibration is a part of the process. Share your thoughts and progress with us, and join the conversation as we explore how to lead a balanced, successful life.


1964: Predictable Doctor Scheduling Pt. 2

On today’s episode, we hop into the second part of this series, where Dr. Jason Tanoory gets into the nitty-gritty of effective communication and scheduling. Learn how routers and open dental chart notes can transform your practice’s appointment setup. Discover the benefits of customized scheduling templates and the importance of adhering to daily appointment limits. Dr. Tanoory wraps up with sage advice on leadership, accountability, and the impactful consequences of scheduling decisions in dental practice management.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Enhancing patient satisfaction through clear communication and expectation management
  • Structured scheduling systems for streamlined appointment organization
  • Tailoring scheduling templates to individual doctors’ needs for increased efficiency
  • Implementing firm guidelines to maintain a stress-free, efficient practice environment
  • Leadership’s role in enforcing scheduling discipline and coaching teams for optimal performance

Implement the valuable tips shared by Dr. Tanoory in your practice and witness the change in your team’s dynamics and productivity. Remember to leave us a review and share your scheduling success stories inspired by this episode!


1963: Predictable Doctor Scheduling Pt. 1

On today’s episode, we hop into the first part of a two-part series where Dr. Jason Tanoory delves into the art of balancing a bustling dental practice with personal life. With a focus on maintaining a high-performance team, Dr. Tanoory shares how maintaining personal interests, such as his passion for cold plunges, contributes to a well-rounded life. Listen in for strategies on efficient practice scheduling that optimizes productivity without sacrificing the human touch necessary for professional and personal growth.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Dr. Tanoory’s journey to success in operating multiple dental practices
  • Work-life balance: integrating personal hobbies like cold plunges
  • Efficient scheduling techniques to maximize dental practice productivity
  • The importance of generosity in fostering both professional and personal development

Stay tuned for the second part of this series for more on structuring your practice’s schedule for success, and don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast for more insightful discussions with leaders in dentistry.


1962: Maximizing Potential

On today’s episode, we revisit a 2019 mastermind session with Mark at the helm, discussing profound strategies for personal and professional growth. This session, packed with actionable advice, focuses on achieving balance across four critical areas of life: mindfulness, meaning, muscle, and money.

  • Mindfulness Mastery: Explore techniques for enhancing your mental clarity and focus, including journaling, meditation, and creating a gratitude practice. Discover why these practices are essential for starting your day with purpose and intention.
  • Physical and Space Decluttering: Learn the importance of organizing your physical and digital spaces to improve mental well-being and productivity. Mark discusses the psychological benefits of a tidy environment and how it can lead to better decision-making.
  • Financial Fitness: Dive into strategies for financial health, from managing debts to planning for future wealth. Understand the importance of having a financial safety net and how to approach investment as a dental professional.
  • Professional and Personal Growth: Gain insights into building a practice that not only thrives financially but also aligns with your personal values and goals. Mark emphasizes the significance of aligning professional endeavors with personal well-being.
  • Health and Wellness: Discussion on the impact of diet, exercise, and self-care on overall productivity. Mark shares his personal experiences with different diets and the importance of finding what works best for your body.
  • Legacy and Meaning: Learn how to ensure your professional efforts resonate beyond the office. This includes setting up wills and trusts, understanding insurance needs, and considering the impact of your work on your family and community.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your dental practice’s operations or seeking personal growth strategies, this episode offers invaluable insights. Tune in to implement these practices into your daily life and see substantial improvements in both your personal satisfaction and professional success.


1961: Defining Success

On today’s episode, we dive into the highlights of Mark’s presentation from last year’s Dental Success Summit. This episode is essential for anyone striving to understand and achieve their own definition of success, particularly within the dental profession.

  • Understanding Success: Mark starts by challenging the conventional definitions of success, noting how personal and subjective the term can be. He reflects on his own evolving understanding of success, from a straightforward financial goal in his youth to a more nuanced, fulfillment-driven view in his professional maturity.
  • Diverse Definitions: Drawing on the wisdom of figures like Jim Rohn and Winston Churchill, Mark explores how success can range from personal development and perseverance to achieving specific financial milestones. This segment helps listeners reflect on what success truly means to them beyond societal expectations.
  • Strategic Success in Dentistry: Mark discusses his journey from starting Horizon Dental Group to creating a diverse ecosystem of businesses under the Dental Success Universe. This includes ventures like the Horizon Schools of Dental Assisting and the Dental Success Institute, which have contributed significantly to the dental community’s development and success.
  • Expanding Horizons: The talk delves into how these ventures not only fulfilled a market need but also provided Mark with platforms for sharing knowledge and training others, reinforcing his definition of success as adding value to the community.
  • Future Aspirations: With the introduction of Smile Outreach International, Mark outlines his vision for establishing dental clinics in the third world, illustrating his belief that true success involves making a lasting positive impact.

Join us as we unpack these insights and more, aiming to help you redefine success on your own terms.


1960: Golden Achievements

On today’s episode, we are thrilled to bring you a special presentation from last year’s Dental Success Summit, featuring the prestigious Golden Rhino Award. This award celebrates remarkable transformations within the dental community, exemplified by individuals who have achieved exponential growth and success in their practices.

  • The Golden Rhino Award: An introduction to the award and its significance in recognizing outstanding growth and leadership in the dental industry.
  • Spotlight on Success: Explore the incredible journey of Dr. Ben Kacos, Summer Kassmel, and Dr. Matt Slivka, showcasing their phenomenal growth rates of 536%, 262%, and 146%, respectively.
  • Dr. P’s Transformation: Dive deep into the case study of this year’s Golden Rhino recipient, Dr. P. From his initial struggles and humble beginnings to achieving a remarkable turnaround in his practice.
  • Challenges Overcome: Understand the hurdles Dr. P faced, including navigating business expansion during the pandemic and overcoming regulatory challenges.
  • Blueprint for Success: Insights into the strategies and frameworks that enabled Dr. P’s success, including leadership development, team culture enhancement, and operational efficiency.
  • Celebration and Insights: Listen to Dr. P share his personal reflections and future aspirations, providing valuable lessons for dental professionals everywhere.

Tune in to learn how these dental professionals turned challenges into opportunities, achieving extraordinary success. Whether you’re a dental practitioner looking to grow your practice or someone interested in the stories behind business achievements, this episode is not to be missed!


1959: No Experience? No Problem Pt. 2

On today’s episode, we are continuing with the impactful Lady Leaders event from the Dental Success Network, we move into the second part of the presentation focused on advanced office management techniques. Stay tuned as our expert panelists discuss proactive scheduling tools and effective patient communication strategies.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Advanced Scheduling Tools: Best practices for using scheduling software to handle cancellations and ensure smooth patient flow.
  • Proactivity in Scheduling: The critical importance of preparation and contingency planning to handle unexpected changes efficiently.
  • Team Communication: How cohesive communication within the team can keep your practice running smoothly.
  • Insurance Verification and Patient Onboarding: Strategies to streamline the new patient experience, ensuring clarity on financial obligations and minimizing last-minute cancellations.

Make sure to implement these advanced techniques to enhance your practice’s efficiency.


1958: No Experience? No Problem Pt. 1

On today’s episode, we dive into the secrets of creating a high-functioning front office. We’re replaying a 2-part standout presentation from the Dental Success Network’s Lady Leaders event, recorded on September 30, 2021. Join Ashlee Hirschfeld, Summer Kassmel, Krista Butters, and Debbie Dodson as they share invaluable insights on optimizing your dental practice’s operations.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Importance of Clear Communication: Delving into how effective communication underpins the entire patient experience.
  • Scheduling Strategies: Unpacking innovative scheduling tactics tailored to financial goals and individual provider efficiency, including block scheduling.
  • Team Culture in Hiring: The pivotal role of meshing cultural fit with skill sets during the recruitment process.
  • Managing Patient Appointments and Cancellations: Strategies for minimizing cancellations and maintaining an optimal schedule.

Don’t miss out on these expert strategies to streamline your practice’s front office.