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2004: Maximizing Wealth Through Strategic Investments Pt. 2

On today’s episode, we continue our Part 2 of our discussion with Troy Eckard on the Dentalpreneur podcast! In this episode, we delve into a non-windfall case study, which will resonate with many listeners who haven’t experienced a significant liquidation event but are still earning substantial incomes.

We discuss the scenario of a dental professional making a million dollars a year without a windfall in sight. Troy uses his own experience to illustrate how to strategically allocate free cash flow above basic living expenses. For instance, with a gross income of a million dollars and $300,000 covering fundamental needs, the remaining $700,000 can be wisely invested. Troy explains the benefits of putting a portion into drilling investments to save on taxes while diversifying into various asset classes for growth and security.

Troy emphasizes the value of mineral rights as an investment, especially in today’s market where technological advancements have reduced risks. He shares examples of partners who have successfully built their portfolios by reinvesting dividends and acquiring more mineral assets over time. These investments provide long-term, compounding income, making them ideal for professionals looking to build a substantial nest egg for retirement.

We also touch on the unique advantages of mineral rights, including the lack of holding costs and liabilities, and the consistent demand for oil and gas. Troy explains how strategic investments in minerals can offer a high return with minimal risk, leveraging the stability and growth of the oil and gas industry.

Finally, we explore what to do if you suddenly realize mid-year that you owe a significant tax bill. Troy advises on the importance of finding secure, tax-deductible investments to offset liabilities and create long-term income. He stresses the need to work with reputable partners and diversify investments to mitigate risks.

Troy’s insights highlight the importance of smart investment strategies tailored to individual financial situations, whether dealing with windfalls or substantial annual incomes. For more information, Troy invites listeners to visit and explore their educational resources and app, Eckard Insights, which offers comprehensive training and access to their investment opportunities.


2003: Maximizing Wealth Through Strategic Investments Pt. 1

On today’s episode, we welcome Troy Eckard to the podcast. Troy has nearly four decades of experience exclusively focused on domestic oil and gas, making him a top expert in his field. His family-owned energy company, Eckard Enterprises, represents 1800 high-net-worth partners with over $850 million in assets under management, including mineral rights and working interests in midstream pipeline projects. Eckard Enterprises is renowned for its transparency, business ethics, track record, and results. Troy, welcome to the podcast! How are you doing today, my friend?

Troy, who was highly recommended by several trusted and prudent investor friends, is here to shed some light on the alternative investment world and how it differs from traditional investment platforms. He explains that when he started his career in 1985, alternative investments were seen as taboo and risky. However, over the past 40 years, the internet has revolutionized this asset class, making it more credible and accessible. Today, alternative assets are a mainstream investment opportunity, comparable to publicly traded assets.

We delve into whether these investments are suitable for high-income individuals without a windfall or those with large liquidity. Troy explains that one’s financial position and personality determine their appropriateness for alternative investments, emphasizing the need for understanding the commitment involved. He shares insights on how these investments can provide long-term benefits and stability, especially through strategies like the 1031 exchange, which allows for tax deferment and continued wealth generation.

Troy also touches on the tax advantages of investing in oil and gas, highlighting the impact of the 1986 Tax Reform Act and the evolution of drilling technology. He explains how these investments can offer significant tax deductions while creating sustainable income. The conversation reveals the importance of working with reputable sponsors and understanding the complexities of the oil and gas industry to avoid pitfalls and maximize returns.

This episode provides a comprehensive overview of the opportunities and challenges in the alternative investment space, particularly in oil and gas, offering valuable insights for high-net-worth individuals and those considering diversifying their investment portfolios. Stay tuned for Part 2, where we’ll continue this enlightening discussion with Troy Eckard.


2002: Creating A Leadership Team Pt. 2

On today’s episode, Dr. Summer Kassmel continues her discourse on empowering leadership within dental practices from her presentation at DSS 2024. She delved into the importance of audit systems in maintaining the integrity of office protocols, stressing the need for regular checks to ensure consistency and accountability. Dr. Kassmel explained how rotating audit responsibilities among dental assistants (DAs) not only helps in maintaining standards but also cultivates a culture of peer-to-peer accountability.

Expanding on leadership development, she advised against hastily assigning titles to emerging leaders, emphasizing instead the observation of their ability to manage projects and uphold standards consistently. This approach, she suggested, prepares them for leadership by gradually increasing their responsibilities, thereby diffusing power within the practice and strengthening team dynamics.

Dr. Kassmel also discussed the identification and nurturing of potential leaders, focusing on traits like high accountability, internal motivation, and healthy empathy. These qualities, she argued, are crucial for leaders who can sustain high standards without constant external motivation. She highlighted the importance of humility and active listening in leadership, skills that enhance team communication and effectiveness.

Towards the end of her talk, Dr. Kassmel touched on the concept of “disciplined empowerment,” which involves trusting leaders to make decisions and holding them accountable for results rather than processes. She shared personal experiences and insights into the challenges of leadership, including the need for honest communication and maintaining high standards to ensure patient care quality.

Dr. Kassmel concluded by reflecting on the personal and professional growth that comes from creating a leadership team that not only meets but exceeds the cultural and operational goals of a dental practice. She offered her leadership packet for further guidance, reinforcing her commitment to developing effective leaders in the dental industry.


2001: Creating A Leadership Team Pt. 1

On today’s episode, we are thrilled to bring you insights from Dr. Summer Kassmel’s presentation titled “Creating a Leadership Team”. Dr. Kassmel, who has over a decade of experience and multiple roles including CEO of Castle Peak Dental and Avon Dental, shares her journey in the dental field and the pivotal role of creating a strong leadership team in enhancing business success and personal fulfillment. She talks about the transformational power of viewing challenges as opportunities, which has propelled her professional life forward.

Dr. Kassmel discusses the importance of leadership in dental practice, emphasizing how it can drastically alter the trajectory of one’s career, bringing joy and satisfaction. Her talk delves into practical aspects of leadership, including the establishment of a capable leadership team that carries forward the mission and enhances the culture of the organization.

Throughout her session, Dr. Kassmel recounts personal anecdotes and lessons learned from mistakes made along the way, offering tactical advice to dental professionals on how to avoid similar pitfalls. She highlights the effectiveness of her webinars and training programs, such as the Dental Career Academy, in preparing dental professionals across the country to excel in their practices.

Furthermore, Dr. Kassmel passionately speaks about her initiative, the Lady Leaders of Dentistry, which provides a platform for sharing valuable leadership and management strategies not just for women, but for all professionals within the dental community. This initiative reflects her dedication to empowering others by providing the tools and knowledge necessary for success.

This episode not only focuses on the strategic elements of building a leadership team but also touches on Dr. Kassmel’s personal experiences that underscore the critical nature of leadership in achieving business success and personal growth. Her message encourages dental professionals to embrace leadership roles not as a burden, but as an opportunity to positively influence their practices and the industry at large.


2000: 2,000 Episodes!!!

On today’s 2,000th episode, we celebrate the Dentalpreneur Podcast! Mark takes a nostalgic journey through the evolution of the podcast, reflecting on its origins, growth, and the incredible journey over the past nine years. Starting in 2015, the podcast has amassed nearly 11 million downloads, reaching listeners in 151 countries. Mark reminisces about the early days, from modest beginnings with only 32 downloads per episode to now boasting between 9,000 and 18,000 unique listeners per day.

Mark shares insights into the podcasting landscape, highlighting the challenges and rewards of creating consistent and engaging content. He emphasizes the importance of his dedicated team, including Steve Hollingsworth, Arthur, and John, whose hard work and commitment have been pivotal in maintaining the podcast’s success. He also discusses the strategies used to produce a high volume of content, including repurposing live speaking engagements and interviews.

The episode delves into the original purpose behind starting the podcast, which was to generate leads for live events and establish credibility within the dental profession. Mark reflects on how the podcast has evolved into a platform for connecting with industry leaders, influencers, and A-list guests, expanding its reach beyond dentistry.

Throughout the episode, Mark expresses immense gratitude to his loyal listeners and reflects on the impact the podcast has had on his career, personal relationships, and the dental community. He shares his passion for topics such as personal development, leadership, health, and financial success, encapsulated in the four futures framework: mind, meaning, muscle, and money.

As he celebrates this significant milestone, Mark reaffirms his commitment to continue delivering high-quality content, fostering meaningful conversations, and contributing to the dental community. He looks forward to the next 2000 episodes with enthusiasm and gratitude, thanking his audience for their unwavering support.

Tune in to this special episode to hear Marks’ heartfelt reflections, behind-the-scenes insights, and plans for the future of the Dentalpreneur Podcast. Here’s to many more years of growth, learning, and success!


1999: Associate Integration Mastery

On today’s episode, Dr. Ben Kacos, founder of Shreveport Dental Solutions, Peek Dental Resources, and Chief Clinical Officer of Dental Success Partners, shares valuable tips for smoothly onboarding dental associates. As a DSI Black Belt Coach, Dr. Kacos emphasizes the importance of leadership and clarity in the onboarding process. He discusses common pitfalls, such as expanding too quickly without solidifying a profitable flagship practice, and stresses the need for defining non-negotiables and expectations. Dr. Kacos highlights the significance of communication, proper training, and creating a strong team culture. He also delves into the nuances of allowing new associates to see new patients, managing complex treatment plans, and setting clear goals and performance indicators. This episode is packed with insights and practical advice for dental practice owners looking to successfully integrate new associates into their teams. Join us for this informative session and learn how to avoid common mistakes and set your associates up for success.


1998: Maximizing Dental Practice Efficiency

On today’s episode, we welcome back Elaine Houle, a seasoned provider of front office training with over 27 years of experience in dentistry. Elaine has worked to improve the operational efficiencies of numerous dental offices and provided interim support for many others. Her company, Dentist Advisor Group, focuses on streamlining efficiencies, maximizing revenues, establishing leadership roles, and enabling dentists to concentrate on their core passion—practicing dentistry.

Elaine discusses the increased inquiries she has received from dentists opening new practices and emphasizes the common delays and challenges faced in the de novo startup space, such as construction setbacks and equipment orders. She shares her approach to helping new practices streamline their operations, particularly through software recommendations and efficient front office practices. Elaine also delves into her unique method of categorizing teams within the practice (Team A and Team B) to handle different responsibilities and ensure smooth operations.

The conversation touches on the importance of understanding insurance policies, reading the fine print, and obtaining reference numbers for calls to insurance companies to safeguard against claim denials. Elaine illustrates this with examples from her experience, demonstrating how thorough knowledge and proper training can recover significant amounts of revenue that might otherwise be lost.

Elaine’s dedication to educating dentists and their teams shines through as she shares her plans for upcoming workshops and presentations aimed at providing dentists with the tools they need to run efficient, successful practices. She offers her contact information for those interested in learning more or seeking her expertise to address their specific needs.

Tune in to gain valuable insights from Elaine Houle on optimizing your dental practice’s front office operations, managing insurance claims effectively, and setting up protocols to prevent common pitfalls. This episode is a must-listen for any dental professional looking to enhance their practice’s efficiency and profitability.


1997: Hacking the Consult

On today’s episode, we have a presentation titled “Hacking The Consult” from the Dental Success Summit 2024, where Dr. Taher Dhoon shared his insights and innovative approaches to dental consultations. Dr. Dhoon, co-founder of Colorado Surgical Institute and a DSI Black Belt Coach, emphasized the importance of creating a supportive and communicative environment for patients during dental consultations. He highlighted how dentists can enhance patient understanding and comfort through effective communication strategies, enabling them to comprehend complex surgical procedures like full arch makeovers and sedation dentistry.

Dr. Dhoon shared personal anecdotes and related his approach to other fields, drawing analogies that underscored the importance of depth in patient consultations. He stressed that just as treasure hunters explore deeply to uncover significant finds, dentists should delve deep into understanding patient needs and fears to uncover their true concerns and desires, thus leading to better treatment outcomes. Throughout his presentation, Dr. Dhoon provided practical advice on enhancing patient interaction, building trust, and fostering a deeper connection with patients to facilitate successful consultations and treatments. His talk was rich with strategies for engaging patients before, during, and after consultations, ensuring they feel valued and understood throughout their dental care journey.


1996: From Application to Onboarding

On today’s episode, Mark and Dr. Ben Kacos kick off the episode by delving into the critical factors considered when deciding to hire an associate, such as ensuring they can be kept busy, the importance of providing honest feedback, and the necessity of a thorough onboarding process. They share insights into managing unique situations, such as hiring a husband and wife dentist team, discussing the additional layers of complexity this brings and the strategic considerations involved.

The conversation touches on the significance of maintaining a steady flow of new patients and the impact of online scheduling on patient acquisition. Ben also talks about the role of hygiene flow in keeping associate schedules full. He emphasizes the importance of ongoing training and feedback for new associates, outlining the detailed process his practice uses to ensure associates meet clinical standards and improve their skills.

The episode highlights the role of leadership in developing a successful dental practice. Ben shares how his team uses morning huddles and a comprehensive playbook to ensure everyone is aligned and continuously improving. For more information about upcoming mastermind events and training sessions, visit Peak Dental Resources. Join the Dental Success Network for more insights and networking opportunities with fellow dental professionals.


1995: Community, Mentorship, & Mental Health Awareness

On today’s episode, we dive into the dynamic world of dental success with the energetic COO of DSN, Ashlee Hirschfeld. Today, they discuss the critical importance of mental health awareness and the resources available through DSN, like Talkspace, which offers psychiatric and therapy services to its members. The episode also explores the isolation often felt in dentistry and how DSN’s supportive community helps mitigate it. They touch on DSN’s referral program, upcoming dental courses, and practical tips on creating a nurturing and productive workplace. Ashley shares her journey within the dental community, emphasizing the power of networking and mentorship in building a fulfilling career. Join Dr. Marcosas and Ashley as they offer insights into maintaining professional vigor and compassion in the fast-paced world of dental practice.