939: Extractions Gone Wild Pt. 1

 In The Dentalpreneur Podcast

 Dr. Chris Bowman  Heidi Arndt Dr. Chris Bowman  Heidi Arndt Dr. Chris Bowman


Featuring Dr. Aaron Nicholas

One of my great friends, Dr. Aaron Nichoas, is back on the show today. He is one of our most frequent guests for the reason that he is always dropping knowledge. On the show today, we are running through his latest project- an extractions made easy course. We get into what makes him qualified to be teaching, why keeping extractions in house is a problem for a lot of dentists, and how we are going to fix that.

During our time together, we discuss:

  • The realities of why so many docs refer out their extractions
  • Slowing down as the best way to speed up
  • Why the crown doesn’t matter
  • Preparing patients for sectioning teeth


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