923: Design Your Future: The Framework Pt. 1

 In The Dentalpreneur Podcast

 Dr. Chris Bowman  Heidi Arndt Dr. Chris Bowman  Heidi Arndt Dr. Chris Bowman


Featuring Dr. Addison Killeen

Dr. Addison Killeen had a big hand in creating and producing our Four Futures journal, and today he is jumping on the show to unpack how it can be maximized as a tool for growth. During part one of this discussion we get into how we squeeze in muscle during busy times and some of the struggles and benefits we’ve experienced by wrestling with mind. He drops a ton of technical and tactical tips throughout this episode, especially once we get into health and longevity. So, you may want to come back to with a pen and paper to catch a few of those writer-downers.

During this part one episode, we discuss:

  • The Four Futures as binary
  • How the journal helps break down your goals
  • The benefits and struggles we’ve experience from mediation
  • Biohacking for health and longevity


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