919: How to Quit Dentistry (If You Want To)

 In The Dentalpreneur Podcast

 Dr. Chris Bowman  Heidi Arndt Dr. Chris Bowman  Heidi Arndt Dr. Chris Bowman


A clip from Dr. Mark Costes at the Dental Success Summit

After spending three years beating down the doors of dental schools to get in to this profession, I was stunned to see how many dentists want out. US News and World Reports consistently ranks us has one of the best professions, but so many of us are stressed and burned out. On today’s podcast I’m talking about how to optimize dentistry for the life you want- whether that be stepping away from the chair, or doubling down on the procedures you love.

During the presentation, I cover:

  • Why I was practicing when he shouldn’t have been
  • Trends and patterns of those on our same path
  • How to step out of clinical dentistry to be the CEO
  • How to optimize clinical dentistry for only the procedures you want to do


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