916: Greatest Living American Hero

 In The Dentalpreneur Podcast

 Dr. Chris Bowman  Heidi Arndt Dr. Chris Bowman  Heidi Arndt Dr. Chris Bowman


Featuring Robert J. O’Neill

This is a very special Memorial Day episode as I had the honor of interviewing the greatest living American hero. Robert O’Neill is the man that shot and killed Osama Bin Laden. As a member of one of the most elite groups in the military, SEAL team six, he as some incredible stories, lessons, and insights to share. In fact, there have already been four movies made about their unit- Captain Philips, Zero Dark Thirty, The Lone Survivor, and American Sniper.

During the interview, we discuss:

  • Sports as a way to develop a strong work ethic
  • The biggest challenge in BUDS
  • Counting as a form of meditation
  • The play by play of the mission
  • What we can do as civilians to help vets reintegrate


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