886: Bear Lessons

 In The Dentalpreneur Podcast

 Heidi Arndt  Heidi Arndt Alastair Macdonald  Heidi Arndt Heidi Arndt


Featuring Dr. Addison Killeen

What is dentistry going to look like when all of this is over? With telehealth moving to the forefront, team members that are scared to return to work, and a bear market it’s tough imagine things returning to the way they used to be. On the show today, Dr. Killeen are I are talking about what we can do now to set our practices up for success in the next phase.

During the show, we cover:

  • How to look at the last market cycle and what we can extrapolate
  • Fear setting
  • System one vs system two
  • How we are going to return to practice


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