864: Reframing Negativity

 In The Dentalpreneur Podcast

 Heidi Arndt  Heidi Arndt Alastair Macdonald  Heidi Arndt Heidi Arndt


“Between stimulus and response there’s a space…and in that space there’s the power to choose. In that choice is where we experience our freedom and our growth.” – Viktor Frankl

With so much opportunity out there it can be difficult to drill down to the day to day practices we need to implement in order to make the most of our situation. On the show today we’re talking about the four futures, how to design a career by removing money from the equation, and how to overcome the negativity bias.

During the presentation, I discuss:

  • Vetting your four futures
  • What would you do differently if you had a billion dollars
  • Our fortune of living in the US
  • The negativity bias


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