850: Handling Angry Patients Part 2

 In The Dentalpreneur Podcast

 Alastair Macdonald  Alastair Macdonald Alastair Macdonald  Alastair Macdonald Alastair Macdonald

“Real power is being able to hear someone’s bad experience and perceive it as your own” – Alastair Macdonald

The way bad experiences are handled is what separates elite businesses from the rest of the field. As dentists, it’s easy to fall back on our clinical expertise when a patient has a bad experience in our chair. In most cases, these bad experiences are a result of proficient clinical technique. In today’s show, Alastair explains why that is irrelevant and what we should fall back on instead. Arming your team with this knowledge will blow the roof off of the growth trajectory in your practice.

During the show, we cover:

  • Responding to a patient’s poor experience with a team member
  • The true cost of a bad google review
  • A red flag system for managing bad experiences
  • Front line advice for handling these conversations


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