807: Hiring: The How, When, and Why

 In The Dentalpreneur Podcast

 Dentalpreneur Podcast  Dentalpreneur Podcast Dr. Amanda Wilson  Dentalpreneur Podcast Dr. Amanda Wilson



Sitting down with Jake Conway

A common conversation we have with clients is around one question, ‘should I bring on another team member?’ There are absolutely qualitative factors to this, but there is also a very tangle quantitative aspect. Can you afford it? On today’s show Jake is breaking that down and explaining how to forecast when you’ll need to add to the team and how to plan ahead financially.

Over a cocktail, we discuss:

  • Revisiting core values as you scale and grow
  • Calculating when you will be in a financial position to bring on a new team member
  • Why the problem isn’t usually the problem
  • Starting the day with a practice of willpower to build momentum


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