779: Elite Practice Blueprint

 In The Dentalpreneur Podcast

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There are only about half a dozen of core challenges that we all face in dentistry.

Individually, we may encounter some derivative of these core challenges. But, after talking to hundreds of dentists every month for years, I’m convinced that all of our struggles are much more similar than we initially realize.

Every year at the summit we add up the collective amount of dental experience in the room, and every year I say that there is probably not a single challenge in dentistry that someone in the room hasn’t encountered and overcome. All we need to do is band together and share our best practices.

During the episode, I cover:

  • The liberating nature of knowing others are struggling with the same challenge
  • Developing an image of the finished product
  • Onboarding with the elite practice blueprint
  • A system for all of your struggles


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