755: Your Pathway to Implant Placement Part 2

 In The Dentalpreneur Podcast

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Dr. Justin Moody, founder of Implant Pathway and New Horizons Dental Institute

My good friend is on the show today to talk podcasting and implants. Dr. Moody is an incredibly busy guy with a new 503(c) in New Horizon Dental Center, private practices, and a continuing education institute. His interest in implants started all the way back in dental school. He has since attended the Misch Institution where he became a fellow and eventually earned his fellowship. He then went on to the AAID residency and is now one of the leading implantologists in the US.

In this part two episode, we cover:

  • Taking every implant from placement to restoration
  • Creating an AEGD program
  • The lows of gaining business experience
  • The lethal combination of clinical skill and business acumen



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