707: AI in Dentistry

 In The Dentalpreneur Podcast

Dr. Amanda Wilson Dr. Amanda Wilson Dr. Amanda Wilson Dr. Amanda Wilson Dr. Amanda Wilson

Dr. Kyle Stanley, Co-founder of Pearl

Pearl is changing the way patients are treated through artificial intelligence. The data and analytics that Dr. Stanley has produced with Pearl have launched him into an authoritative position on the next generation of cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Stanley has also been called one of the top ten educators in dentistry by the Seattle Study Club. Needless to say, we dig into some fascinating topics throughout this two part interview.

During our time today, we discuss:

  • Dr. Stanley’s implant focused Brazilian residency
  • The difference in what we’re taught in dental school and our incentives in private practice
  • Providing the highest quality to compete with the other 50 dentists in the same building
  • Creating data driven clinical reports through advanced imaging



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