694: The Best Thing Since…

 In The Dentalpreneur Podcast

Dentalpreneur Podcast Kiera Dent

Drew Sparks of Swell CX

We are all aware of the importance of Google reviews in attracting new patients. But, for many it has been an elusive lead measure to capture. Our guest today has a ton of insight on how to grab ahold of this lever and use it was a driver of your local search results. He’s created an entire platform around this and can coach on things like when to ask for reviews, who to ask, how to ask, and everything in between. This is truly need-to-know information.

During our conversation, we discuss:

  • Preparing for that inevitable one star review
  • How to win local searches without focusing on SEO
  • All things google my business
  • How we are increasing new patients while shrinking your marketing budget
  • Tactical advice on capturing more reviews



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