633: Growth and Human Capital

 In The Dentalpreneur Podcast

Dr. Grace Yum Kiera Dent

Rashed Din, founder of Maya Dental

Today’s show was recorded at the Dykema DSO Conference with my good friend Rashed Din. Rashed is from the Chicagoland area where he manages Maya Dental as well as Din Ventures which is a healthcare focused private equity firm. During our conversation we talk about the fact that human capital is by far the most important thing in dentistry. So, when it comes to building and growing a DSO, the back end accounting and support is really the easier part. Rashed then spills a little on how he believes he’s created a model that solves this, and aligned
everyone in the organization in pursuit of the same goals.

During the interview, we discuss:

  • A DSO model that holds everyone accountable
  • Aligning everyone through equity
  • People being the most important factor in dentistry


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