490: The Hiring Framework with Ashlee Evans

 In The Dentalpreneur Podcast

Ashlee Evan

Ashlee EvanAshlee Evan-Hirschfeld does not hold back on our hiring system. Keeping a full team at multiple dental practices can be very difficult without a sound hiring and onboarding system. On the show today, Ashlee walks through our entire hiring process for the Horizon Dental Group. We have designed an incredibly intentional and efficient system. From creating the position to the working interview, everything in the process is justified and is used to help determine the best candidate. Tune in to hear the tell all.

During the episode, Ashlee covers:

  • Using overhead to justify the decision of a new hire vs. splitting the responsibilities
    amongst existing team members
  • Why having well defined foundational principles is essential to an efficient hiring
  • How to use your organizational chart to design empowerment and accountability in
    selecting a new team member
  • Why defining your non-negotiables will make this so much easier
  • Tips on writing the ad, checking references, and conducting the first interview


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