489: The Sinking Ship with Dr. Mark Costes

 In The Dentalpreneur Podcast

Dr. Aaron Nicholas

Today we have a case study from one of my recent presentations.

These case studies are a great way to see our stepwise process in action. So many docs want to out produce their problems, but we all know putting more water in a leaky bucket isn’t a sustainable solution. The operational problems must be addressed before ramping up production. Follow along as we play coach together and create a plan for this office to right the ship before growing top line revenue.

During this part of the presentation, I discuss:

  • The five areas we audit for new clients
    • Mission, vision, core values
    • Operational systemization
    • Lifetime patient experience
    • Overhead and cash flow control
    • New patient acquisition
  • How we create an action plan through the AIPPE framework
    • Audit/analyze
    • Identify
    • Prioritize
    • Plan
    • Execute
  • The high level focus of our three phases


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Dr. Aaron Nicholas