488: TGIM! With Dr. Aaron Nicholas

 In The Dentalpreneur Podcast

Dr. Aaron Nicholas

Dr. Aaron NicholasDr. Aaron Nicholas on making molar endo efficient and easy.

Dr. Nicholas and I go way back as he was one of our first clients at DSI. He quickly proved himself to be an elite operator and became our first client to move into a coaching role as a black belt coach. Since beginning his coaching career, he designed a few courses including the one hour root canal, buildup, and crown. This guy is full of tactical tips that make endo easy and efficient. Tune in to the show for some pointers of how to make your endo workflow systematically simple.

During our time together, we discuss:

  • How he designs courses for Monday morning dentistry
  • The importance at getting good at extractions early
  • Clinical tips for efficient molar endo
  • Why we often make our own problems in endo

Click HERE to register for Dr. Nicholas’ course!


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