484: Head First with Steve Lawton

 In The Dentalpreneur Podcast

Steve Lawton

Steve LawtonSteve Lawton shares some takeaways from his life-threatening experience. My guest today has some pretty incredible experiences to share. He has been an engineer at the Astronaut Office at NASA, an executive at Dell, and spoken at many large corporations including Accenture and Starbucks. Since his near death experience a few years ago he has written a book, been featured on multiple media outlets, and guest lectured at universities around the nation. Steve also hosts on blog on positivity (SteveHLawton.com), holds two US patents, and coaches youth lacrosse. Tune in to the show to hear why and how Steve has re-engineered his life around positivity.

During the show, we discuss:

  • The recovery process from going head first into a tree at 45 mph
  • The mental fortitude and attitude it took to get through the rehab process
  • Rewiring our brains through neuroplasticity and love bombs
  • Why you can’t be happy by trying to be positive about your other feelings


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