1011: Advanced Practice Analytics with Kevin Rossen

 In The Dentalpreneur Podcast

 Dr. Mark Costes  Dr. Mark Costes Dr. Mark Costes Dr. Mark Costes Dr. Mark Costes


Which levers are really worth pulling?

Kevin Rossen is the founder of Divergent Dental. Plainly stated, he has built this company on finding the answers to questions dentists want to know. As the office manager of his father’s practice, he dove deep into the analytics when he found his dad wanting answers to increasingly complex questions. Then, he met us and continued to peel back the layers behind all the surface level decisions that are made on a daily basis within a dental practice. Today, he has a thriving company and more answers on how to get paid and how to grow your hygiene department.

During the presentation, he covers:

  • Insights from big data in dentistry
  • Getting good at getting paid
  • Real world perio percenta


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