Dr. Kelly DoveBlack Belt Coach

    Priding herself on her ability to be efficient during clinical hours, Dr. Kelly has created an office that is only open from 7-2 four days a week producing over 1.4M in only 3 years – from scratch.  Her main office was buildout for under $250,000 and she was out of the red within 3 months of her startup. She cares deeply about her family and decided that she was going to both succeed at being a mom and being a dentist, hence her desire to work the “mom hours”.   She is the brains behind the metrics behind the success of the Dove’s offices. Continually looking to decrease inefficiencies and executing on planned action for the office all the while being as sweet and kind as you can imagine. She has a true DSI Get Sh*t Done attitude.

    Specializes in: Working Mom Balance, Conscious Oral Sedation, Clinical Efficiency, Start-Ups, Dentist-Dentist Marriage

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