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1953: The Virtual Revolution

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On today’s episode, we have a fascinating conversation with Dr. Justin Scott. As the CEO of Virtual Dental Offices and a practicing dentist, Dr. Scott has mastered the art of blending innovative practice management with clinical expertise. Fresh from his awe-inspiring trip to Iceland, he shares the breathtaking experience of witnessing the Northern Lights with his mother, along with the challenges of navigating the Icelandic winter.

Dr. Scott takes us through the journey of his company, Virtual Dental Offices, highlighting its transformative impact on dental practices by leveraging the power of virtual assistants. Balancing his time between clinical duties and his growing business, he offers a fresh perspective on managing dual roles. The episode dives into the vital role of outsourcing in today’s dental practices, addressing the workforce crisis and streamlining operations for efficiency.

With his finger on the pulse of practice management, Dr. Scott discusses the tasks that are most effectively handled by virtual assistants, from administrative duties to patient interaction, and assures listeners of the robust security measures in place to protect sensitive patient data. He also shares the lighter side of virtual assistance, revealing some of the personal and unique tasks that these remote team members can take on to simplify one’s life.