Dr. Steve DoveBlack Belt Coach

    An entrepreneur at heart, Dr. Steve has an insatiable desire to learn and grow.  The visionary of both offices, Dr. Steve puts his heart into the growth of his team and has found exponential growth in their businesses through the development of their practice culture.  A firm believer in taking ownership of the problems within the practice, Dr. Steve handles hard conversations with team members with a desire to help them grow. Careful with his words, Dr. Steve has voraciously sought out how to interact with others via seminars and books; and, because of this, has slowly become a self-proclaimed word-smith with his ability to both connect with patients and with his increased loyalty and effectiveness of team members. Both offices have a vision statement that states simply “We Grow People and We Create Positive Moments”.  This is the very heart of their businesses, knowing the investment in the team members and creating positive moments for patients to talk about are two of the foundational reasons for their continued growth and success.  

    If Dr. Steve is the visionary, Dr. Kelly is the executive, and this beautiful combination is the reason for their continued success.  

    Specializes in: Culture development, Purposeful verbiage, Handling tough conversations, Dental Marketing Strategies, Phone Answering Efficiencies


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    Kelly Dove