Dr. Bryan StimmlerBlack Belt Coach

    Dr. Stimmler is a graduate of the University of Southern California. Born and raised in Southern Cal, he moved to New York City to do a residency program, where he stayed after meeting his new wife.

    After associating for about three years he did a scratch start-up in the Greenpoint/Williamsburg area of Brooklyn. Rough seas ahead! He’s been through ALL the ups and downs of private practice, from stealing and embezzlement to stale team practices, a short revolving door of employees, and the insanity that comes from NOT knowing what in the heck he was doing. Fast forward a few years and the office is systematized, has doubled in patients and production year over year since opening the doors. One year ago a second office was purchased and merged into his existing practice.

    Dr. Stimmler’s coaching style is person to person, taking into account your lifestyle, needs, and desires. Accountability will always be a focus, which is why he makes himself available throughout, via phone, text, and email. He loves working through the tough problems of office morale, which tends to include huddles, meetings, staff recognition, and the like. A fan of efficiency he can help work through scheduling, office flow, and clinical efficiencies. As a part of DSI, he is also familiar with systematizing an office and can help in the many different systems we want to have in place in a well functioning, systems-driven practice.

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