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Opportunity Overview

Professional Transition Strategies is thrilled to introduce a unique investment opportunity for firms to invest with a chosen subset of DSI clients. This strategic partnership not only strengthens the doctor’s position, it offers the potential to actively contribute to the accelerating trend of consolidation within the dental practice landscape.

About DSI 

Our Mission 

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About DSI

The Dental Success Institute, founded by Dr. Mark Costes, is a multi-faceted dental education coaching business designed to inspire, connect, and educate the world’s top dental professionals.

The exceptional team of blackbelt level coaches is committed to empowering practicing dentists with knowledge, helping them increase profitability, and fostering greater satisfaction in their careers. Over the years, DSI has matured into one of the most reputable consultancies within the dental profession. The members of the community are closely associated with some of the most successful practices across the nation, cementing its footprint in the field.

With over 200 top-tier practice owners within the organization, it boasts a substantial recruitment pool that would contribute to an expanding DSO. DSI champions an integrative approach to dental consultancy, underpinned by a commitment to superior service, progressive knowledge dissemination, and the realization of our member-clients’ full potential.

What Matters to DSP


Dental Success Partners exists to provide owner doctors with unmatched support both in business and clinically. We believe in giving doctors a valuable partner of which they can be proud. Owner doctors will largely maintain their autonomy to run their already successful practices, while having the support of the larger organization. Our goal is to be the catalyst for the next step in their ownership journey which takes them to places they never thought possible.


Dental Success Partners is a one-of-a-kind dental service organization. Comprised of already successful practice owners we create synergies which allow our owner doctors to maximize their potential in an ever-consolidating industry while maintaining their autonomy and giving them opportunities they would not have independently.

Core Values:

What Can You Expect?


DSI fosters a culture of accountability, emphasizing continuous growth and leveraging the power of collective intelligence for magnified impact.


DSI maintains a pipeline of 200 practices readily accessible through the established consulting company, poised to contribute to a robust and dynamic growth strategy.


Merging the security and predictable IRRs sought by financial partners with the clinician’s yearning for freedom through pre-partnership training and calibration of doctors.

Key Personnel

Dr. Mark Costes

Founder of DSI / Proposed Chief Executive Office

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Dr. Mark Costes is far from a typical dentist and dental coach. During his career, he has been able to start or acquire sixteen successful dental practices. He has liquidated these practices and is currently focusing his efforts on this project. Dr. Costes is the esteemed founder of the Dental Success Institute (DSI) and co-founder/CEO of the Dental Success Network (DSN). Leading a collaborative community of nearly 1,300 dentists, he strives to equip members with the tools and resources needed for excellence in dentistry. He’s also the international and #1 Amazon bestselling author of ‘Pillars of Dental Success.’ Mark is the host of The Dentalpreneur Podcast – the number one dental podcast in the world with 1,750 episodes and over 9 million downloads to date.

Dr. Bill Keith

Practice Owner / Proposed Chief Operating Officer

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Proposed Chief Operating Officer – Responsible for monitoring Key Performance Indicators to ensure optimal performance and identifying areas for improvement. Will spearhead marketing initiatives for the DSI DSO. Will oversee revenue cycle management. Building and maintaining strong relations with practice administrators is crucial to this role and Dr. Bill will act as a bridge to facilitate this relationship.

ben kacos

Dr. Ben Kacos

Practice Owner / Proposed Chief Clinical Officer

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Proposed Chief Clinical Officer – AGD Fellow and a Fellow and Master in the International College of Oral Implantologists, oversees doctor and hygiene curriculum development, clinical standards, and integrates products and services. A faculty at Colorado Surgical Institute, he ensures organic growth, optimizes case presentations, and integrates technologies for profitability. As a black belt, he will be responsible for monthly coaching with each practice.



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Dental Success Partners (DSP) Group FAQs

Could you elucidate on the back-end structuring in terms of cost, timeline, and comprehensiveness of services for implementation?

To how many PE firms was the DSP group presented, and what was the outcome of this market engagement?

What is the threshold for combined EBITDA required by DSP to secure the most favorable multiple for the group?

From the perspective of the PE firms, what are the perceived advantages of investing in DSP?

Conversely, what are the potential drawbacks of DSP as viewed by the PE firms?

Where can one access DSP-related resources, recordings, and the calendar of events?

How will the integration of practices into the DSP structure affect day-to-day operations in the short term?

What measures are being taken to ensure that the unique culture of each practice is preserved post-integration?

Can you detail the governance structure post-acquisition and the extent of autonomy that will be retained at the practice level?

How will the valuation of individual practices be determined within the DSP framework?

What is the strategic growth plan post-acquisition, and how will it impact current practices?

Can you outline the support system that will be in place for practices to adapt to the new operational software and services?

What are the long-term financial projections for the DSP, and how will these affect individual practices?

How will the DSP ensure compliance with industry standards and maintain quality control across all practices?